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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Viking Land WIP 2

Ok, long time since this was updated.

Anyways, so here's another WIP of the Viking Land and the last one. The environment is complete and cameras animated for cinematic sequences to capture all the aspects of my creation. Only looking for a good computer that does not lag all the time :|

Here it goes:

The first image here, that of the Viking or the Norse Village in general, shows the plain environment, added with Exponential Fog and LUT effect.

this here is an image of a Stave Temple

This is a sort of an Altar with Henge-like stones and a Norse Field-Labyrinth in the center.

this one shows a few houses around...

Here's a Norse Water-Wheel mill. Its animated with Matinee.

This is a Chieftain-Hall from the inside..

And the Chieftain-Hall from the outside

And this is a dock here. The sails of the ships are Cloth and wave when played. Also the ships have an animated float-rock to them.

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