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After an experience in creating 3D Environments for commercial Animatics, entered the Games Industry out of the love I have for it. Aim to get myself to the calibre of the Best Game Developers of the World; developing some critically acclaimed Games, as well as learning tons of new things on the way. Specialties: Environment Artist in 3Ds Max, Level Designing. Self Taught and worked professionally in UDK, including Matinee, Kismet and basic Material creation. Worked professionally on Unity3D Engine along with contribution towards Programming in C#.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Altar Of The Sun WIP01

So I've been working on some personal artwork on mostly weekends for a few hours and whenever I can get time otherwise.

I'm gonna call it the Altar Of The Sun. Did some basic ZBrush work and have finally started adding stuff in UDK for the scene setup. The Water shader was made almost totally with the help of an old 3DMotive tutorial and the sky is made after going through a tutorial on Animated Skydome by Juarez3D and then taking on my own from there.

Sky is not completely interesting right now, but the scene will have a complete day cycle to it, full with stars and Sun and the clouds :)

Here it goes :)

UDK output01

UDK output02

UDK output03


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